4 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Get Taken Advantage of When Selling Your Halon

4 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Get Taken Advantage of When Selling Your Halon

4 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Get Taken Advantage of When Selling Your HalonBecause of concern over ozone-damaging properties, the production of Halon ceased in 1994. The fire extinguishing agent has since been phased out in favor of eco-friendly systems, e.g. INERGEN and FM-200. However, if you operate an older data center, you may still have Halon fire suppression system in your facility.

Even though the production of Halon is banned, it is 100% legal to sell, buy, or use Halon extinguishers. In fact, because of its low supply and high demand for certain applications, you could make an impressive profit by selling Halon. When selling Halon, there are some guidelines you will need to follow in order to make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of.

Following are 4 ways to ensure this:

1. Determine the Current Market Value of Halon
The first thing you should do when you want to sell Halon is determine its current market value. Take your time to do your research and contact multiple retailers so that you can get an idea about the current market price per pound. Being knowledgeable in this matter will minimize the likelihood of you selling the product at below-average pricing.

Like most commodities, Halon fluctuates in price depending on supply and demand. If you have Halon for sale and considering that it hasn’t been contaminated and can be recycled back to its original condition (ASTM or ISO), your Halon does have value. The exact price you will get for selling it depends on many factors, such as current market conditions, the number of cylinders in which the Halon is stored, the amount of Halon you have for sale, as well as your distance from the recycler.

2. Have the Tanks Weight Certified Before Selling
This is one primary way Halon recyclers and buyers try to take advantage of sellers and reduce the overall amount of payment for the fire extinguishing agent. After you sell them the product, they may claim that there is 10% or so leakage and hence ask to pay reduced amount. To avoid this outcome, it is highly recommended that you get the tanks weighed yourself and have them weight certified before selling.

3. Don’t Believe the Offer That is Too Good to be True
Even though Halon is in low supply and its demand for certain applications is still high, don’t expect anyone to offer to pay more than what you are asking when selling it. If someone tries to overpay you, consider it a red flag. There are many companies that will offer to buy Halon. Each would offer varied price per pound. Don’t go with the highest price. If the offer sounds too good to be true, it would be a good idea to be very critical of it.

4. Sell it to a Reputable Halon Buying Company
The best way to avoid all the hassles of selling Halon and ensuring that you don’t get taken advantage of when selling it is to sell it to a Halon buying company that is known and trusted for being trustworthy and reliable. There are many Halon buying companies that pay top dollar for Halon 1211 and Halon 1301 and they also provide all shipping paperwork and documentation when you deal with them. These companies excel at handling Halon in a responsible manner according to the Montreal Protocol. They will even provide you audit trails for the transaction.

Because of its limited availability and depending on the quantity you have to sell, you can get a significant return by selling your Halon. Just make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of when selling it. The above-listed guidelines will help you in this regard.

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